iCRIS is an advanced image capture, feature detection and document validation system that interfaces directly with Contact Image Sensors (CIS). iCRIS collects the images taken by the CIS (front and back where required) and analyses those images against the criteria and parameters defined in its configuration. Image analysis is carried out in ‘real-time’, with document transport speeds of over 5m per second being achieved with some models. Once the analysis is complete, iCRIS will then decide on the forwarding action e.g. passing unfit notes to a designated area for shredding, based on the configured instructions.

iCRIS can also provide system management and control functionality and interfaces with any existing host machine control systems as required.

Already established as a reliable and mature banknote validator, this proven technology is ideal for use in a variety of document handling environments, including cash-in-transit, retail, teller-assist, self –service, cash processing centres, middle and back office bank sorting.

iCRIS provides a flexible and powerful platform and can easily be linked to additional iCRIS boards or other detectors on a CAN or ‘Master and Slave’ configuration, performing as much or as little of your system’s image capture and data examination process as required.

The pre-set algorithms are fully customizable; allowing specific functionality to be achieved either using iCubed’s consultancy and design services or alternatively, your own engineering staff can implement and manage their own configuration independently of iCubed through the unit’s API.
The compact design of iCRIS (fits within the envelope of a 234mm CIS detector head) means easy physical installation, its fully componentized architecture makes changes easy to implement, with low risk to continuing operations.

The iCRIS system, ready to go with no costly in-house R&D required, can dramatically reduce your product’s time to market or easily retro-fit into existing equipment to add industry leading functionality and increase processing speed, propelling your company’s competitive advantage without the cap-ex investment of new equipment. The flexibility of the iCRIS system with its configurable algorithms and varied functionality means that its use is not restricted to a single task – its use is limited only by the client’s requirements.

Cash Processing Model Features and Benefits:

• Third Party Algorithm Support
• Multiple Currency Support
• Currency and Cheque Support
• Full width scanning – front and rear (optional)
• Note currency, denomination and issue identification
• Skew and size measurement
• IR feature detection
• BRF compliant fitness measurement functionality (soil/hole/tear/missing corner)
• Is in deployment in ECB Fitness accredited equipment.
• Managed upgrades can be performed remotely
• Recommendations and advice on correct CIS Model are available


• Up to 16 illumination drives (4 double reflective and 4 double transmissive), lighting single or a combination of LEDs to achieve different colours.
• Different resolutions configurable for each colour.
• Scanned images from CIS can be stored by iCRIS (memory upgrade may be required).
• Multiple iCRIS units may be used simultaneously to maximize functionality and processing speed.iCRIS can be configured to perform analysis on any currency that contains detectable features. Cheque reading is also possible.

iCRIS can be supplied as a PCB only product, allowing you freedom in choosing where to position iCRIS in/on your equipment. Where this option is chosen, you will also need to procure the appropriate CIS unit and light source and position these appropriately within your host machine, at suitable. iCubed will provide advice on the most suitable location for mounting the iCRIS PCB and for the configuration of relevant areas of the host machine to ensure that iCRIS gives the best results possible.

Alternatively, the self-contained OEM module offers a complete detection system unit, including the additional equipment needed for the capture and analysis of images.
Comprising an iCRIS PCB, CIS and Light Source, the iCRIS OEM Module can be easily ‘dropped’ into the transport of your existing equipment. iCubed can provide advice on the use of guides, etc to ensure the smooth document transit through the machine and to gain the optimum performance of the iCRIS system. Connectivity to the module is available via serial and USB ports.

A full demonstration of iCRIS is available at our Fareham premises, please contact via the ‘Contact’ section of our website to arrange one, or if you would like additional information.