To produce an easy to use time recording application, with rich reporting and data connectivity.

Many organisations have little or no automation with regard to recording the time spent by their employees on various tasks. Some companies make use of spreadsheets, others are still using paper.

Not only are manual systems prone to incorrect data entry, but the effective use of the data items captured is limited by the medium they are in, both for the basic time accounting function and management level reporting required for making business decisions.

An application suitable for the recording and management of time across an organisation must cope with many scenarios that are common in modern businesses. Users may be based in several disparate offices or even permanently mobile anywhere in the world. The size and needs of organisations varies greatly along with the infrastructure in which the application must operate. It was crucial to define an architecture for the application that would provide the flexibility and scalability required. We decided on a thin client web application architecture that facilitates easy deployment across intranets and the internet. The application follows the three tier model allowing for maximum scalability.

net.Time was developed in ASP utilising the industry standard Microsoft SQL Server database engine. For seamless integration and connectivity, all data is transferred as XML and rendered to the clients browser using XSL style sheets. Advanced reporting and analysis is provided by both SQL Server Reporting services and Crystal Reports allowing a large number of customisable reporting options. Using leading edge tools and technologies we were able to rapidly develop and refine the application and its supporting database.
Applying our rigorous and structured software design approach to web application development allowed us to create a flexible, scalable and robust web application. net.Time is intuitive and easy to use for all employees whilst being a powerful management and analysis tool for project managers and decision makers.

Our solution works out of the box but is flexible enough to be configured to meet the needs of any organisation. The use of industry standard tools and components allows the effort dedicated to the development of the tool to be focussed on the desired functionality, rather than the infrastructure.

net.Time was awarded the Verified for Microsoft Windows 2003 Server accreditation.
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