Many years experience working with leading document handling companies gives iCubed significant expertise in this challenging field. Leverage our expertise to take your document handling products to the next level.
"... take your document handling products to the next level."
Transmissive and reflective infra-red document image capture and processing
Viewing documents in the infra-red part of the spectrum can be a useful method of verifying the presence of certain document features. This part of the spectrum can also be used to advantage when extracting data for subsequent recognition, such as OCR.
Reflective (full width) image capture
processing for identification
optical character recognition of key fields

A full document width image capture capability provides a flexible and configurable solution to all image based document processing. Regions of interest from document images can be intelligently extracted for detailed processing - such as OCR or barcode reading. A worldwide document capable recognition system has its best chance of success when the full document image is available for processing.

Magnetic Properties
Magnetic features were among the first to be incorporated into documents of value and so now there is wide range at the disposal of document designers. The best authenticating equipment needs to have this capability on board in order to correctly and confidentially identify counterfeit and suspect documents.
Optical Properties
The challenge to maintain document security in the light of readily available high quality reproductive equipment has demanded greater sophistication in the features employed. This has led to an expansion in the use of optical 'properties' features. Accurate, reliable detection of these within a document counter requires experience and skill.

It's said that 'No man is an island', and in the 21st century this applies just as well to small 'standalone' equipment, such as document counters. Once data has been collected about a set of documents, such as the total value, the serial numbers or even a simple piece count figure, it is always required elsewhere; whether it is just printed out, or collected over a network for display on a digital dashboard or processing by a server. Our experience in developing embedded systems of real use to people, uniquely positions us to deliver the solution to any connectivity requirement.

Our history in delivering solutions such as these means that we are skilled in solving the problems associated with data capture, real-time processing and data communication in a high speed document handling context. We understand the environment that exists in these products and are well versed in finding the right technologies for leveraging the highest value in this market.
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